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 Smoker Produce 2014 Product Line

Simple, Local, Fresh.

These ideals have guided us throughout all of our selections for the best varieties. We are always trialing new products to see if they meet our quality standards before we introduce them to the public. All varieties are hand selected from companies that search around the world. Many of our heirlooms originate in Spain, France, and Australia.

Fall Selections for 2014:

  Gold standardPumpkins: from traditional orange pumpkins from 1/2 a pound up to 200 pounds. They come in all shapes and sizes, from smooth to warted. We only grow and select for the best pumpkins that will carve well, hold up for a long time, and have an incredibly strong handle. Carve up a Jack-O-Lantern or make pumpkin stew with our sweet pie pumpkins.


Novelty Pumpkins: This is our favorite group. From pink peanut shelled pumpkins from southern France, to blue and black pumpkins from the outback of Australia, we galeuse1constantly are introducing new varieties that will excite and get your neighbors asking, “where did you get that from?”.  These pumpkins come in a multitude of shapes and sizes so you can stack, carve, or eat just about any of them.


Corn Stalks: Dress up your porch, mail box or flag pole with corn stalks. Bundled using a corn binder from 1904, old world traditions blend together for a very modern take on bringing home the bounty of harvest.


Straw Bales: Whether it’s to dress up your curbside, have a hayride for your Halloween party, or simply use a biodegradable alternative for your dog house, straw bales are your answer. We always carry them in regular and small sizes so any need can be met. These bales are a labor of love using equipment from a bygone era and baling them in the heat of July, these are the perfect way to dress your porch.


Mums: No fall display or dinning room center piece is complete without the truly timeless lookhenry iii of Mums. We are pleased to offer a variety of colors to fit any decorating style. These mums are perennial, meaning they will grow back each year if taken care of. We work hard to select and grow the mums in a way that will allow you much success in them coming back year after year. These dress any spot in your landscape up and with names like Dazzling Stacy and Bright Tabitha, how can you go wrong? Check out our care guide here:


We want to know your feed back of products you want to see! Please contact us and let us know!